Vijay 58 - A chimbudevan's project

Posted by Sun Cpm on Sunday, December 7, 2014

Vijay 58 - A chimbudevan's project

  • In the movie if 'vijay58' is the untitled project of the director chimbudevan.
  • 'Chimbudevan' is directed as many hit movies in tamil cinema.
  • And the movie of 'vijay58' is Director's 5th film.
  • He is directed all films are than comedy and thriller movies.
  • These are 'Imsai Arasan 23am pulikesi' and 'Irumbukkottai murattu singam', etc.
  • These all movies are comedy, thriller and Historical movies.
  • So the fans are waiting to this film.
  • This movie will be called as two heroins as this movie. 
  • That two heroins are "Sruthi hassan" and "hansika motwani". 
  • The movie of "vijay58" is actress Sruthi hassan's 22th movie in cinema field. 
  • And the 5th film of the tamil cinema area. 
  • And the another one actress of hansika's the movie of "vijay58".
  • In the film of "vijay58" is Hansika's 36th movie in cinema field.
  • And the 16th film in tamil cinema area.
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